Very important update (Sept 2019)

Very important update (Sept 2019)

Wow – it has been a whirlwind year and a half. Despite our initial thoughts to release in April 2019, God had another plan! We will come back with more updates nearer to the release.

We have had loads of highs and a few lows along the way! From the selfless involvement of global volunteers, to rigorous and creative fundraising efforts, to passionate and devoted support from the community… we can confidently say that this project is uniquely beautiful… like no other!

And along the way, the movie’s director, Dr Karandeep Singh, has had some very big ups and downs too.

In July 2019, while working on the movie in Mumbai, he suffered from femoral nerve damage in his right thigh. Despite many hospital visits and medical tests, his right leg will never work properly again. He has had a hard time adjusting to life in a wheelchair, especially during his trips to Mumbai, where there is less support available for his physical needs.

But the movie won’t stop! Although the production slowed down for a couple of months, while he was getting used to a life of excruciating pain & physical limitation, it is picking up again. His endless passion and commitment for the Mother of the Khalsa is taking the movie closer to its much-awaited release.

Thanks to our animation team, iRealities in Mumbai, for their continued enthusiasm and efforts in this project. And thanks to you, dear Sangat ji, for your constant support and patience. We promise you, the movie will be totally worth the wait.

Let’s take a moment to send our best wishes to Dr Singh. We salute your tireless efforts, sir!