There would be none without her…

There would be none without her…

In a world where western feminism is on a consistent rise, we forever forget the place women have been given in our Panth. The place our Guru’s gave women is proof of a sense of equality, and equity, that western feminism is only beginning to comprehend. Our Guru’s gave us a sense of justice and compassion long before they were a trend. However, we still seem to look at Sikhi through the lens of western, white and modern feminism when we in fact should be navigating the world through the lens Sikhi has given us. A far superior lens may I add. Both through Bani, and though our itihaas (history) women have been given vital roles for the Panth, giving them a sense of power and justice like no other. One such example of the extraordinary women in our itihaas is that of Mata Sahib Kaur, and what better way to learn our itihaas through the media of art. Let us connect to our roots, and learn to navigate the world around us using the teachings of our itihaas, instead of vice versa.

“From her, kings are born”,

And just like that, 

The mother of khalsa, 

Gave birth to many. 

“there would be none without her”, 

Without our khalsa, 

Darkness would always rise. 

 Author and Artwork, Amrit Kaur (ig: @amritkaurpoetry)