The values and the importance of Mata Ji’s life and how it can affect people in today’s world

The values and the importance of Mata Ji’s life and how it can affect people in today’s world

 My mother – Mata Sahib Kaur Ji is full of devotion, love and sacrifice and dedicated their life to our Guru and their children – The Khalsa Panth. The values that I have learnt from my affectionate mother is how to love and devote yourself to your Guru by surrendering your complete faith in them. Mata Sahib Kaur ji demonstrates how to have courage and determination through difficult challenges and hard times. I have learnt how Mata Sahib Kaur Ji was a humble woman and served the community with great humility.  These are just a few of the many values that Mata Sahib Kaur Ji has given us.

As a full time working mum of three children there is a great expectation of being a fantastic mother, instilling good virtues in your children as well as being able to provide for the family financially and spiritually. It’s a very big weight to carry on any mothers shoulders especially in today’s world but I have only been able to do this by having my own role model to guide me through this – Mata Sahib Kaur Ji.

In today’s society we face many hardships and challenges. Everyday can be a challenge as any working mum can tell you. Trying to balance your Sikhi, work and family life can be a tricky act but it is done and my own experience is by having strength and courage to get you through hard times you may face. In a general day I may experience may challenges that come my way but by having resilience and faith I am able to achieve what the aim is. For my family one of my main goals as a mother is to teach my children how to be kind and love everyone from people to nature. Love can conquer all and with love anything can be achieved. I have found in today’s world there is a lot of negativity, hatred and jealousy out there. Someone once told me that when you want to show love in the world show it in the way Mata Sahib Kaur Ji showed her love for Guru Ji. These are the teachings I pass on to my children – love is the key to unlock all answers.

As a mother there have been times when my children have come home sad from school because of finding the work challenging or difficult and message I have taught my children is dedication and perseverance. Mata Sahib Kaur Ji showed us how to preserve in difficult times, never give up. They showed complete dedication to the Khalsa Panth during their 40 years in command, and these are the virtues I am instilling in my children. Whether it be at school, home or out in the big world – that they should never give up, persevere in life and give 100% dedication to any task at hand. These are also the same values that I apply to my daily work life as a teacher. Teaching has become difficult over the years as the governments demands are higher but by remembering the qualities Mata Sahib Kaur ji has taught me I am able to combat many challenges that I face.    

Finally being humble and serving everyone with humility was another wonderful trait Mata Sahib Kaur Ji showcased. Being humble is one of the most amazing it difficult qualities to achieve and I am very far from this but as a role model to my children and community it is a very essential quality to have. From Mata Sahib Kaur ji, I have learnt that to keep humble it is important to do as much Seva (selfless service) as possible. We can do this in many ways by going to the local gurdwara and partaking in shoe cleaning, toilet cleaning and washing dishes. By serving others it allows us to get rid of ego we have and hopefully over time become a humbler person.

My life so far has been an interesting journey with many twists and turns along the way but by having the right role model and utilising their values within myself I feel I can become a better person and a role model for my children as well as the community. I am very proud to have an amazing role model, my mother, my superhero, my everything Mata Sahib Kaur Ji. They have so many qualities that it is impossible to list them all but as a mother, woman, teacher my aim is to follow in their path by instilling as many virtues as I can in myself and my family.

Amritpal Kaur