The Motherhood Movie partner with Dharam Seva Records

The Motherhood Movie partner with Dharam Seva Records

This is a combination that will take the world by storm.

Dharam Seva Records are a UK registered non-profit music charity, started in 2013 by well-established artists from within the Punjabi music industry – Kaka Mohanwalia and Bill Mato. The charity runs on the support of volunteers alone and there are no paid employees. Which means, all funds they generate from sales are reinvested into producing more stimulating and refreshing albums.

The motto of this organisation being “preserve the past, inspire the future” speaks volumes of their core mission in being able to celebrate and immortalise the Sikh Heritage, in music form. This motto is also in line with the Motherhood Movie project; who want to bring Mata Sahib Kaur Ji’s name to the world to inspire the current and future generations! All profits from Motherhood: The Journey of Mata Sahib Kaur will be reinvested into further animations.

Recognising the impact that music and creative expression can have on our lives, they have consistently sought to inspire and engage the Sikh community by releasing Keertan, Gurbani Paath, Simran and Dharmik music.

They have done this by joining forces with some of the most prominent names and artists within the Punjabi community.

But their impact is not limited to music, alone. They have been actively involved in more and more progressive movements within the Sikh community, including working with other non-profit / charity organisations; raising awareness of drugs and alcohol abuse within the Punjabi community; promoting initiatives for mental health awareness; working with children and youth groups to recognise and celebrate Sikh History; and delivering an online 11-part programme on Sikh Philosophy.
Their massive contribution to the Panth continues to grow as they have now become the official UK distributor and online media partner for the Motherhood Project. This Project is the first 3D animated Sikh movie about the life of our Khalsa Mother, Mata Sahib Kaur Jee, which is due to be released in 2019.

The Motherhood Movie will be funded in its entirety by the Sikh Sangat and is in alignment with Dharam Seva Records’ vision of preserving and celebrating our Sikh Heritage. This movie will be the first of many by production company, Nihal Nihal Nihal Productions, who aim to educate and inspire global Sikh communities, by making our Sikh Heritage more accessible, whilst ensuring an accurate depiction of Sikh historical events.

This collaboration is sure to be successful in promoting a platform which will connect and motivate all generations of our community, whilst making our history widely accessible.

Exciting times!!!