The activity book you can’t afford to miss!

The activity book you can’t afford to miss!

Keeping my five and seven year old daughters entertained during half term isn’t always easy. Switching on the television or handing them my phone to play games would be the easy solution but as a parent I try to restrict screen time.

Recently, I purchased the ‘Learning with Mata Sahib Kaur’ activity books at our local Gurdwara and instead of giving them to my daughters that same day I thought I would save them for some ‘mummy and daughters’ quality bonding time.

Yesterday afternoon was that perfect time. I remember as I handed both the girls their individual activity books their eyes widened as they eagerly flicked through the pages. They almost fell over themselves when they saw the stickers! For anybody who has kids, they will understand that for some unknown reason, stickers just equate happiness in young children!!

I ensured that we looked through the book slowly together taking our time to absorb each and every page. My seven year old confidently read the fact file based on Mata Sahib Kaur’s childhood and immediately felt inspired by the adjectives ‘kind’ and ‘fearless’ used to describe Mata Ji. My youngest has only recently started to develop her reading skills by blending sounds together and with support was able to read and subsequently find key words in a word search activity. Her smile and confidence grew with each new word she read, found and discussed.

We have explored several other activities and so far have come across colouring, puzzles and a code breaking activity. I have watched the girls work on each activity with a special sense of diligence and pride. In turn their understanding, awe and love for Mata Sahib Kaur is flourishing and their excitement for the upcoming 3D animation ‘Motherhood The Journey of Mata Sahib Kaur’ is forever increasing.

As a Sikh parent, I can’t recommend this activity book enough to our community but when I put my primary school teacher hat on I genuinely can’t recommend this activity book enough to every child of every faith in every part of the world.‍

To support this amazing sangat movie project, you can purchase the activity book by clicking on this link* or alternatively call 07850 678 317 for telephone orders or bulk orders (which are ideal for Sikhi Camps, Punjabi Schools, birthday goody bags and much more!).

* All profits from this activity book go towards the production of Motherhood: The Journey of Mata Sahib Kaur.

Aman Kaur