Second Teaser Release!

Second Teaser Release!

It is with great excitement that the team behind the much awaited 3D animation Motherhood – The Journey of Mata Sahib Kaur can announce that the second movie trailer is to be released imminently… in fact the 48 hour countdown is officially upon us and Sewadars up and down the UK… in cities such as Leicester, Birmingham, London and Glasgow and worldwide locations in Canada, Australia, USA and Europe are checking the Gurdwara projectors and sound systems… to find an official second trailer screening at a Gurdwara near you please see times and locations below…

Guru Tegh Bahadur Gurdwara, Leicester 11.30am

Singh Sabha Gurdwara, Bradford 11.15am

Glasgow Gurdwara 12pm

With more bookings to be confirmed in Birmingham, West London plus international locations in Canada and Australia.

I can still vividly recall the time when the first trailer of Motherhood -The Journey of Mata Sahib Kaur was released in summer 2018… there was pin-drop silence in the room as anticipation built. I remember the children ranging from nought to sixteen years all squished together in a small space eagerly staring at the screen… I had never seen them collectively so quiet… that was a small miracle within itself… the adults were all huddled together… some standing at the back, others cross legged on the floor… fast forward ninety seconds and the echoes of the Jaikaras that resonated in that room sent shivers down my spine and tears streaming down my face… what I had just witnessed was beyond mind-blowingly beautiful… I looked around to see every member of sangat glowing in awe… eyes brimming with tears… I remember the distinct sound made when Mata Sahib Kaur Ji unveiled their sword and the sound of their neighing horse… it was just perfection… now the bar had definitely been set… the attention to each and every single detail was baffling… the tweeting of the birds, the varying shades of the leaves, the contrasts within the sky, the folds of the turban…the list was endless… I was truly captivated… and to this day… each and every time I watch that first trailer…. those same feelings and tears are evoked… I genuinely cannot wait for the next instalment… and I know if it’s anything like the first then imagine what the actual whole animation will be like? Production is heavily underway and Sewadars across the globe are working tirelessly on every aspect of the film from production completion to fundraising and advertising… Donations are still very much needed in order to ensure that the strive for perfection is achieved… Perfection will definitely be achieved if the first trailer is anything to go by but your donations and support will make it easier! To be a part of this phenomenal project please support and join the journey of bringing Mata Sahib Kaur Ji to the masses!

Aman Kaur