Official PR Partner Announcement

Official PR Partner Announcement

Motherhood: The Journey of Mata Sahib Kaur is a global movement to share the incredible, inspiring story of Mata Sahib Kaur with the world to raise the status of women everywhere. 

Recently there have been many high profile stories of abuse against women which further show the need of introducing a powerful, female role model to the world. 

To extend our reach to every part of the world, we feel excited to announce the official PR partner for Motherhood: The Journey of Mata Sahib Kaur as UK Premier PR & Marketing run by Kully Kaur. 

Kully Kaur, who was awarded by the PM as a high achiever at 17 years old, is passionate about every female reaching their full potential in the industry so seems the perfect fit as a PR partner for a movie which is about a trailblazing female: Dhan Dhan Mata Sahib Kaur!

UK Premier PR & Marketing have decades of experience in the movie industry who are experienced in the a-z in movies from casting to marketing to line production. They have a successful history in promoting Punjabi movies that have broken records in opening weekends and international successes. Event organisation is also another key star skill of this PR company who have had events alongside the Royal Family and Malala. Also having recently opened a new office in Chandigarh for public relations and film production, the future is looking exciting for UK Premier PR & Marketing.

Kully Kaur, who has received awards as an inspirational Sikh female from the London Mayor in 2017 alongside Kamel Hothi and Gurinder Chadha, is well known in the movie industry with vibrant PR plans and a huge array of connections from Sikh footballers such as the Purewal twins, national organisations plus singers and actors from across the world. We are excited to see what the future brings as we enter into the PR of Motherhood: The Journey of Mata Sahib Kaur. This movie will be reaching every person soon! 

Kully Kaur with Jimmy Shergill