Musician Profile: Harsh Narayan

Musician Profile: Harsh Narayan

Musician Profile: Harsh Narayan

When you’re the son of sarod virtuoso Pandit Brij Narayan and the grandson of the renowned sarangi maestro Pandit Ram Narayan, it comes as no surprise that you’d go onto become a dazzling musical talent yourself. That’s precisely the case with Harsh Narayan, the gifted sarangi player from Mumbai, India. He is bringing Hindustani classical music to the younger generation, bridging the gap between the traditional and the modern.

Since the age of six, Narayan studied with his grandfather, who helped to unearth the young musician’s natural talent. From the beginning, he had an affinity with the sarangi, which is a highly complex instrument to play. With sheer passion, devotion to his grandfather and embodiment of a solid musical legacy, Narayan truly excelled.


He began performing at the age of sixteen, with his first major performance at the Nehru Centre in 2002. This performance was unique because of 3 sarangi’s played on stage for the 1st time and also it comprised of three generations of sarangi players on stage: Pandit Ram Narayan, daughter Aruna Narayan Kalle and grandson Harsh Narayan.

In 2003 he spread his wings and gave his first international performance in the UK at Purcell Room (Royal Festival Hall, London). In 2006 he also performed at the Rashtrapati Bhavan (President’s House), along with his grandfather. Over the last decade, while advancing his musical career, Narayan went on to complete an MBA from K.C. College of Management Studies in Mumbai (2007).

Narayan’s first solo album, ‘Scintillating Sarangi’, was made available in music stores in India and on the iTunes and Amazon platforms (2016). He recently captivated audiences in the US, taking his considerable playing talent to Cambridge, Santa Cruz, Washington DC and Philadelphia. Narayan has also lent his talents to the movie industry, by playing for the background score of the film ‘Queen of Katwe’.

It is clear to see that Harsh Narayan’s credentials mean that he is more than qualified to expand on his grandfather’s huge body of work. Not only that, he has quickly established himself among the new generation of Indian Classical musicians and torch bearers for the sarangi.

It is evident that the team behind Motherhood: The Journey of Mata Sahib Kaur are intent on selecting the best when it comes to the music score. Clearly, the hugely talented Harsh Narayan fits the bill perfectly.