Music in support of Motherhood

Music in support of Motherhood

Hello, everybody!

I’m Seerat Kaur Malhotra from Mumbai, India. I’m 18 years old and currently doing my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from SIES College of Arts, Science and Commerce in Sion. Before that, I did my schooling at Billabong High International School in Thane. In my spare time, I love making music.






I’m going to tell you why and how I’m supporting the Motherhood project.

Since the beginning, I’ve had a very keen desire to understand Sikhism and its history.


Even when I was a child, I used to hear stories about Sikh philosophy and lifestyle. I used to love hearing about the greatness of Sikh women. After learning about the way they lived and the sacrifices they made, I started feeling a stronger connection to my faith. These are a few of my favourite women from Sikh history:



  1. 1. Bebe Nanaki ji was the elder sister of Guru Nanak Dev ji. She played an important role in the spread of Sikhism. She was the first disciple of Guru Nanak Dev ji and a truly affectionate sister.
  2. 2. Mata Gujri ji was distinguished as being the wife of Guru Tegh Bahadur ji, the mother of Guru Gobind Singh ji and the grandmother of the four Sahibzadas (Ajit Singh ji, Jujhar Singh ji, Zorawar Singh ji and Fateh Singh ji).
  3. 3. Mata Sahib Kaur ji was the Mother of the Khalsa (I used to call them “Rani Sahib”, which means queen). I feel deeply inspired by Mata Sahib Kaur ji. She was a woman of remarkable leadership and diplomacy. She was beautiful, extraordinarily intelligent and brilliant. She knew how to read and write Gurmukhi, as well as horse riding and the use of arms. She became a Singh-ni after being baptized. Her role was the noblest and the best. There isn’t anything she couldn’t do. I think she occupies first place in Sikh history.


My passion for music has been growing for over 3 years. I did my first performance at Billabong High International School and it was amazing. The encouragement that I received thereafter motivated me to continue exploring music and improving my skills. Music is the language of the heart. When words fail to express my innermost thoughts and emotions, I know I can count on Music. I have got some of my other work on YouTube and Soundcloud.







I’ve always thought that music is an expression of devotion. Hence, I joined classes for Indian Classical at Suresh Wadkar’s Academy of Music – AJIVASAN. Indian Classical helped me greatly in building the connection between music and devotion. I have always wished to sing Shabads and spiritual songs, as a way of expressing my faith.


That’s where Motherhood comes in. It’s a movie about the life of Mata Sahib Kaur ji. On getting acquainted with the Motherhood Project, I discussed my Music idea with Dr Karandeep Singh ji and I’m very happy to be a supporter of the Motherhood project by singing two tracks – one Shabad (composition of 5th Guru Sri Guru Arjan Dev ji) and a Poem written by a UK based lyricist known as Ikjot Kaur from London. Both of these tracks are connected to women, Sikhism, strength and spirituality.

My purpose in doing this project is to spread the eminence of Women who played an important part in the history of Sikhism. My desire is to put a smile on people’s faces when they listen to these tracks. I hope people will feel inspired to reach their highest potential in life. I want people listening to these tracks to associate themselves with the feeling of the Motherhood project, and feel empowered.

These tracks will be released next month, in collaboration with the Music director T.A.V, Tavleen Singh from Punjab.

Motherhood is a project for the Sangat by the Sangat and everyone is helping in any way they can. I want to help by making music in support of the movie. I am so excited about the Motherhood Project that I will donate all the profits from the sales of these two tracks to the movie.

My plan is to launch these singles in the second week of June. To do that, I need your support so I’m starting a GoFundMe campaign. I’m hoping to raise all the funds to cover the costs of producing my music. No amount is too big or too small, so please contribute and help me achieve my lifelong dream.

Please donate on GoFundMe.