Mata Sahib Kaur Sewewala Welfare Society (MSKSWS)

The Mata Sahib Kaur Sewewala Welfare Society is a registered charity in India. The Society is working in innovative ways to lift people out of poverty, drug and alcohol abuse and many women and girls out of female suppression through a number social welfare projects.

Here are some examples of what they provide; 

  • Bicycles to a member of a family trapped in severe poverty and without any mode of transport to live and work 
  • A modest monthly fund for elderly widows supporting basic living costs to purchase essentials like milk, flour, soap etc.  
  • Families in severe poverty are given funds to help cover the basic cost of a daughters marriage, without which they may never marry  
  • Feeding the poor  
  • Providing medical and moral support at Health Awareness events (Drug, Alcohol, Cancer)


The Mata Sahib Kaur Educational Trust MSKET has been working with the Society in many ways to uplift the local communities. Here are some examples of what they do; 

  • Sikh education camps for hundreds of children who know very little about the Sikh faith
  • English speaking and writing courses for young people 
  • Motivational camps for women of all ages 
  • Career counselling and sports coaching for young people (particularly young women)