“from Her, Kings are born”

“from Her, Kings are born”

“There should be NO difference between a girl and a boy to create a GOOD society!”

And that is exactly what all the Gurus, from Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji who stated “So why call her bad, from whom kings are born” – to Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji, who shared the Khalsa values and spirit initaiting males and females alike.

Despite over 500 years of this revolutionary thinking – not enough of us have been exposed to this message around the world. Just look at the facts: even in Sikh dominated regions such as Punjab, Canada and UK, the ratio of males to females is shockingly less than the rest of the world’s average and generally balanced ratios, highlighting female foeticide/infanticide – an act that is forbidden for Sikhs.

Where the Gurus laid the foundation stones of a just and harmonious society, we forgot to pass this down to the following generations. All the Guru Sahibs ensured that Sikhs were ahead of everyone: walking, talking altruistic and inspirational beings. You know, if you meet a true Sikh, you know you have met the image of God themselves. But what has happened? Our ancestors moved to the West and adopted their culture, forgetting about their Sikh roots, whilst the Sikhs in the East are caught desperately between wanting to emulate Westerners or following the Eastern cultural trend of disowning their girls.

And now to add to problems…the epidemic of young Sikhs from Punjab who are wasting away in drug abuse. When will the social evils cease? When will Sikhs be reminded of their golden heritage which turned sparrows into hawks, where each one of us could take on 125,000 foes? A revival to educate society is needed and NOW.

In a digital era, where even the poorest of homes do not have a toilet, but instead own a smartphone – there is one way which can impact the majority of lives in a most charming, convenient and clever way – through animated movies. The first of which is on its way. “Motherhood, The Journey Of Mata Sahib Kaur” will hit cinemas across the globe this year. It retells the story of the mother of the Khalsa – those male and female saints soldiers who gave their wealth, breath and children for the benefit of a just and strong society. To uphold righteousness, break through and reach beyond any human’s potential, creating Demi-gods on Earth.

Watching this 3D animated movie will remind the world once again:

  • Who was the Mother of the Khalsa?
  • Greatest Warrior Saints on Earth: Who is the Khalsa?
  • A rich diamond of Sikh History: Mata Sahib Kaur Ji
  • Guru Gobind Singh Ji: The King of Kings

When an individual learns about their great role models, they change themselves. When a family learn about the great sacrifices in our history, they push each other to become their better versions.

But when a nation learns about their forgotten mother, Mata Sahib Kaur Ji (along with many other females who equally played their part), then a collective conscience is created for the betterment of all females and downtrodden. The coming generations of Sikhs and non-Sikhs will receive a blueprint, etched in each viewers’ psyche on the dignity, glory and rightful position of a female in society.

So, let’s not forget:

There should be NO difference between a girl and a boy to create a GOOD society!