Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the profits from the Motherhood movie to go?

Which one of Mata Sahib Kaur’s qualities do you want to portray in the movie?

Why is it important to keep alive the history of the Khalsa?

What will the money from the film be spent on?

Why this movie will be ‘for the people, by the people’

What are the risks?

  1. Raising enough funds to complete the work. We try to ensure that these targets are achievable and realistic, by balancing the production timeline with the level of support we are currently receiving. The rest of the money will be funded from other sources. We firmly believe that a strong community is the best way to foster large scale support for the movie. That’s why we are already building a global fan network. If Motherhood’s fan base keeps growing, it will display to potential investors that there is a demand for the product, therefore increasing our chances of being fully funded.

  2. Completing the work on time. We have selected our team very carefully, based on their skills and passion. We are working with a very strong and experienced animation studio called iRealities. This is the same studio that was responsible for making India’s most successful animated movie to date, Chaar Sahibzaade. So we have every faith that the team, along with ourselves, will work tirelessly to complete the work by the deadline, as well as to the highest standard possible. We will send out regular updates, showing the behind the scenes progress of the movie’s production. If any unexpected delays cause us to slow down or halt, we will keep all of our supporters updated, as well as providing possible solutions and completion dates.