What is Motherhood?

Motherhood is a 3D animated movie, scheduled to release in April 2019. For the first time ever, this movie will depict the amazing life story of one of the greatest (but mostly unknown) female leaders in world history – Mata Sahib Kaur. It will shed light on who she was, what she did and how she uplifted the communities around her. Motherhood is a non-profit movie. All profits will be reinvested back into social welfare projects, not just in impoverished areas of India but also around the world.

Mata Sahib Kaur was an epitome of the selfless love that is shared between a disciple and their master. Such was her love that, under her Guru’s instruction, she went on to become an armed warrior and managed the entire army of the Khalsa. Not only the Mother of the Khalsa, Mata Sahib Kaur can be remembered as the mother of the world, due to her selfless, compassionate and inclusive nature.

She helped everyone who entered her court, regardless of religion, caste or creed. For example, she uplifted poverty-stricken Hindu and Muslim families when they asked for financial help, covering all the costs and preparations for girls’ marriages. She also provided relief to drought-stricken farmers, by having wells dug in their villages – alongside numerous other projects.



In the 17th century, the Indian subcontinent had fallen victim to countless invasions and atrocities. People’s homes and wealth were pillaged, their right to live a dignified life was denied and their right to practice faith freely was assaulted. Forced religious conversions had become the norm. Into this dangerous climate… the Khalsa was born

The Khalsa was a universal brotherhood of warrior-saints. Their primary purpose was to protect the meek from further oppression and tyranny. Swearing to defend the people’s right to live freely, the Khalsa adorned a unique physical identity, as per their divine mission: to stand out from the crowd, be ever-ready to protect others and continually fight for humanity. Such was the extraordinary birth of this Khalsa at Anandpur Sahib in 1699, whose spiritual father and mother were Guru Gobind Singh and Mata Sahib Kaur.

Did You Know


Why Are We Making Motherhood?

The movie is a celebration – of devotion, selflessness and strength. It will provide society with a new female role model – an example of grace and greatness from Sikh legacy – and will remind other women and girls how much they can achieve. We strongly believe that Mata Sahib Kaur’s story needs to be brought to light and shared with the world. She was not just a leader for the Sikh faith; she was ‘a universal mother, a spiritual mother, a mother for all’.

What Are The Social Benefits Of Motherhood?

  • This is an unheard-of project, the first of its kind. It will add a new chapter to the textbooks of world history, providing a richer and fuller picture of Sikh and Indian history, which will educate and inspire all.
  • It will promote the humanitarian values of inclusiveness, selflessness, devotion, sacrifice and equality, as taught by Mata Sahib Kaur.
  • It will enhance the self-esteem & self-respect of underprivileged women in the Asian subcontinent – predominantly in parts of Northern India – but also around other parts of the globe.
  • It will help to uplift the status of women in society as a whole, by bringing to light the story of a charismatic woman and well-respected spiritual pioneer, from the golden pages of Sikh history.
  • It will help reconnect the youth and coming generations to the glorious past, reinforcing the universal and philanthropic values that were taught by Guru Nanak.

How Can You Support Us?

Motherhood is currently in the pre-production stage and we need your support! This is a rare global initiative which is being made ‘From The Sangat – For The Sangat’ (Sangat: like-minded society). This is why we’re attracting international support – the sikh diaspora all over the world can see the necessity and benefits of this movie.

This month’s fundraising target is £30,000. What will your money achieve? A lot! It will help us to fund character design, environment building and storyboarding. Storyboarding is a very long and detailed process. Without the storyboards, the movie cannot begin production. So please donate as much as you can… no amount is too big or small! Your generous donation will help us to stay on target and meet our expected release date of April 2019.

This movie is history in the making. We want you to become part of The Journey. Let’s all unite and raise enough money to make this grand vision a reality.

Production Timeline

Meet The team

Dr Karandeep Singh Ji


From research to direction, Dr Singh is making this long awaited dream come true!

Being a doctorate in Mathematics, he brings with him years of professional experience. This and his dream of the Motherhood Movie makes him the ideal as doing the seva of directing Motherhood – The Journey of Mata Sahib Kaur!

Bhagwant Kaur

Assistant Director

The China Wall, Himalayas, the Ganges of all things assisting in direction.

Bhagwant is a writer, artist and teacher. She is fluent in the language of stories. From publishing short stories to a debut poetry book to doing live performances, Bhagwant understands the immense power of words. Choose the right words and the world becomes a better place. That’s why she’s so excited and honoured to be assisting in the direction of Motherhood. She can’t wait to see Mata Sahib Kaur Ji’s life story inspire and uplift the global community.

Jaspreet Kaur

Head of Fundraising

When it comes to funds, she is our Piggy Bank

Jaspreet is a natural born leader! She has years of experience of fundraising for charitable causes; so this not for profit movie fits with her compassionate nature perfectly. She will pave the way for fundraising for the Motherhood Movie! Expect to be blown away with her knowledge of numbers and incredible work ethic!

Kuljit Singh

Head of Community Fundraising

Kuljit is like Will Smith when it comes to community relationship management. Fast and Fundy!

A respected and loved figure in the community and across the UK! Kuljit is the manager of the Sikh Community Centre in Leicester and will be taking his skills into community fundraising in the world of movies! Our mission of #ForTheSangatByTheSangat will be a phrase you will be hearing soon!

Prasad Ajgaonkar

Head of Animation Studio

Heading the team of history makers and looking after end-to-end technical production.

The CEO of iRealities! After 2 decades of being in the studio, Prasad is still excited to be in this environment day after day! He is now currently the Head of Animation for Motherhood – The Journey of Mata Sahib Kaur

Jasneet Kaur

Head of Design

Designs, Characters, Backgrounds, Colours, Costumes, References – all things creative!

Grace and style are two of many ways to describe Jasneet; and her vision of designs represent this too. With Jasneet heading this area; the designs of the Motherhood Movie will prove to be stunning! Be prepared to be amazed!

Bulbinder Kaur

Head of Production

A typical PM! From production process to organisation and scheduling to budgeting and delivery.

With over 10 years experience in Management Science and leading on Strategic Analytics at Barclays headquarters, plus her go getter attitude makes Bulbinder ready to head the production of the Motherhood Movie! She feels privileged and honoured to be part of the Motherhood team. “This production is about collaboration and creating the kind of magic that can’t be put on a page”.

Bulbinder is a mother to 2 Singhs and is eagerly waiting for all across the globe to be inspired and reconnect with their true mother after watching the Motherhood Movie when it is released!”

Rana Singh

Executive Producer

Joining the dots together and building the connections, we call him the RSR (RollsRoyce/Rana Singh Randhawa) of the team!

Rana Singh describes his role as a honour and is super excited about this project which will bring Mata Sahib Kaur’s name to the world! He has been involved in a variety of projects in the past and is looking forward to putting all his past experiences into this project.

Sandeep Kandola

Head of Marketing

Marketing and Sandeep, it’s like air and balloon. You can’ have one without the other!

Sandeep is trained in classical music, works in a consultancy role and is also a film fanatic – marketing for the Motherhood Movie is like music to his ears! Mata Sahib Kaur is the spiritual mother of the world and for this reason we have someone like Sandeep to help spread this message to the world!

Parminder Kaur

Head of Communication

All things communication come under her hat, even when in airplane mode.

As a busy mum to a sweet young Singh, Parminder is used to multi-tasking. Whether she’s distributing messages within the team, managing public relations or preparing written and verbal presentations, she knows how to get the job done. There’s nothing as special as the bond between mother and child – that’s why she is so happy to be involved in the Motherhood project. She wants the whole world to connect to their spiritual mother.

Risks And Challenges

1. Raising enough funds to complete the work. We try to ensure that these targets are achievable and realistic, by balancing the production timeline with the level of support we are currently receiving. The rest of the money will be funded from other sources. We firmly believe that a strong community is the best way to foster large scale support for the movie. That’s why we are already building a global fan network. If Motherhood’s fan base keeps growing, it will display to potential investors that there is a demand for the product, therefore increasing our chances of being fully funded.

2. Completing the work on time. We have selected our team very carefully, based on their skills and passion. We are working with a very strong and experienced animation studio called iRealities. This is the same studio that was responsible for making India’s most successful animated movie to date, Chaar Sahibzaade. So we have every faith that the team, along with ourselves, will work tirelessly to complete the work by the deadline, as well as to the highest standard possible. We will send out regular updates, showing the behind the scenes progress of the movie’s production. If any unexpected delays cause us to slow down or halt, we will keep all of our supporters updated, as well as providing possible solutions and completion dates.