Blessed with Girls

Blessed with Girls

Hi! I’m Sunny- I’m 33, mummy to 4 beautiful little girls (all aged 3 and under), busy business woman, married to my soul mate, sister to 3 amazing strong women and daughter to the strongest, most wonderful woman I know.

I am basically surrounded by strong women- friends, aunties, cousins, in-laws and colleagues. Everyone has their own story and journey. Women are amazing- we are strong, our bodies are remarkable, we are capable of so so much and we need to be shouting from the rooftops about how amazing we really are! 

As women we have so much to be proud of and when women support women amazing things happen. 


However, when I tell people of South Asian culture that I have 4 girls the below is what I typically get in response:-

▪️So much awkwardness
▪️ ‘chal koi nah’ (well it doesn’t matter) comments.
▪️People not knowing whether they should congratulate or comfort me. 

▪️People assuming I’m unhappy because I must’ve wanted a boy.
▪️People telling me I can still try for a boy.
▪️People telling me to start saving for their weddings ASAP .
▪️People saying ‘oh your poor husband’ to me because he doesn’t have a son.
▪️People saying ‘it would’ve been nice for your parents to have a grandson in after having 4 daughters’.

I have probably heard every gender bias comment there is because not only do I have 4 girls, but I am also one of 4 girls myself.

People tell me my family must be incomplete because I do not have a boy. I can honestly say I feel sorry for the people that have that mentality. Any child is a true gift from god, and I feel so blessed to have my girls. I know the sister bond is so special and I genuinely believe that only the lucky ones get to experience it. To have a sister is to have a best friend, a counsellor, a stylist and so much more all rolled into one. I know just how lucky my girls are. When I watch them together I feel like my heart could just explode with pride. They do not even realise just how lucky they are to have each other yet. There are so many exciting times ahead for them and their sister squad. 

I tell them all the time that they are special, and they can achieve and become anything they want to. As they grow older, I will be sure to constantly reinforce the message of being a strong independent woman to them. I will show them and tell them stories of strong women so they can be inspired and empowered. The animation on Mata Sahib Kaur will be one of the first shows I sit and watch with them when they are old enough to understand it. The showcase of the ultimate strong Sikh woman is exactly what I want to show them so they can aspire to be like her, and all the other strong women that the Sikhi heritage is lucky to have been blessed with. Mata Sahib Kaur is the greatest role model for any Sikh woman. 

I will continue to embrace and celebrate my princesses so our girls never grow up feeling inferior to their brothers.

Every child is a gift from god.

Sunny xx 

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