The World's First 3D Animated Movie Seva Project

After years of research and anticipation – Nihal Nihal Nihal Productions are proud to announce the first ever fully 3D Sikh animation movie to be funded by the global community. Motherhood: The Journey of Mata Sahib Kaur will be a visual and historic masterpiece to be released in cinemas worldwide, revealing the untold epic life story of Mata Sahib Kaur (Khalsa leader – Khalsa Mother).

About Us

We are Nihal Nihal Nihal Productions (N3P) and we have a hugely ambitious, yet simple and achievable mission. Over the next 10-15 years we will create 20 high quality non-profit 3D animation movies to showcase Sikh history and educate our children. Costing £2.5m, our first movie is the much-anticipated title Motherhood: The Journey of Mata Sahib Kaur.

Get Involved

This is a non-profit project and we are calling on the global Sikh community to help raise a total £2.5million to make this extraordinary vision come to life. You can make your donation here (If you are a business, please go to our sponsor us page). We are also looking for people of all skills and backgrounds to donate their time. It can be anything from Fundraising and Marketing, through to Admin and Research. You are free to dedicate as much or as little time as you like, it is totally up to you.

Sponsor Us

We are offering special sponsorship packages to businesses that are looking to join this epic journey. There are a number of attractive options that will provide a return on their investments. From sponsored website listings,  social media coverage, to credits in the movie, we have options for all.

Latest Videos

Tune in to  Channel Sky 760 every Sunday from 7pm UK, 12.30am India, 2pm Canada.